These are some our most asked questions.  If you don't see the answer to your question feel free to give us a call or send off an email.  We will get right back to you with the answer as soon as we can.
Holidays is there a change in my pick up day?

If the holiday falls on a MONDAY there is no change in your day.  

If it falls Tuesday-Friday we will observe the holiday on its day and your day will will push to one day later. ( For example if you day is a Wednesday and Christmas falls on Wednesday we will no have service that day and your day will be on Thursday.  There for Thursday customers will push to Friday and Friday customers will push to Saturday. )

We will also put a reminder on the Facebook page as well.  This is in line with what the city's around us do and save on lost handouts.  

What can not go out in my weekly trash?
e-waste, such as computer screens, tv's and electronics.  Hazardous waste such as anti-freeze or batteries.  Yard waste, large  appliances and furniture.  Many of these items can be picked up by us they just can not go out with your "regular" trash.   Drop us a email or give us a call to set up a "special" pick up and get a quote for removal!  We will gladly get rid of them!

What if there is a storm are you still picking up my trash?
We make every attempt to get the waste picked up!  Like your local postman we are out in the elements everyday.  Please check Facebook for updates.  If your road has not been plowed and is to hazardous for us to venture down.  We unfortunately will not be able to get it that day.   Please feel free to contact us by phone at 625-8012 or email us at a.balch@comcast.net 
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